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BIG Festival Contacts
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Production Coordinator
Sid Bruyn bruyn[at]pathcom.com

Programming Coordinator
Dougal Bichan dougal[at]dougalco.com

Design and Communications
Ghazaleh Etezal sign[at]ghazalehdesign.com

Outreach and Sponsorship Committee
Gabrielle Langlois bigonbloor1[at]yahoo.com
Vanda Henriques vhenriques[at]workingwomencc.org

Marketing and Promotion Committee
Donna Cowan donnacowanis[at]yahoo.com
Sid Bruyn bruyn[at]pathcom.com

Volunteer Committee
Gabrielle Langlois bigonbloor1[at]yahoo.com

Bloordale BIA

Bloorcourt BIA

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