Photos taken by wonderful people in 2008, 2009 and 2010, from our Flickr pools. The BIG cutouts credits goes to Himy Syed.

I believe cultural engagement is a vital way to improve neighbourhoods. BIG: Bloor Improvement Group is leading in this effort and this festival is an excellent, innovate and exciting approach. I enthusiastically encourage your support and participation.
Ana Bailao
Councillor for Ward 18

The Bloorcourt Business Improvement Association supports BIG: Bloor Improvement Group and the BIG On Bloor Festival. We encourage your support to make BIG events big successes.
Antonia Yee
Bloorcourt Business Improvement Association, Chair

BIG: Bloor Improvement Group, is a coalition of community members working for the advancement of the economic, physical, cultural and social life of Bloor. The BIG On Bloor Festival is our community and city building event and a shared project - BIG encourages and thanks everyone for their participation and much needed support.
Dyan Marie
BIG: Bloor Improvement Group, Co-Chair

Culture is a vital way to build and sustain engaged, healthy communities which is why festivals like BIG on Bloor are so important. I hope you'll join me in supporting BIG by coming to the BIG on Bloor Festival July 23-24. I'm really looking forward to being there both as Davenport's new Member of Parliament and as a musician performing in the festival.
Andrew Cash, MP
Canadian Member of Parliament

The Bloordale Business Improvement Association is excited and proud to again initiate and host the BIG On Bloor Festival in our neighbourhood. We appreciates that cultural events make important contributions to the atmosphere and economic viability of Bloor Street. The Bloordale BIA offers BIG and BIG events our full support and we encourage your support. Working together we can help create a vital community for everyone.
Spiro Koumoudouros
Bloordale Business Improvement Association, President

I am a strong believer in the power of communities working together. The cultural arts programming planned for this festival is one of the most effective ways to engage everyone and celebrate together. This festival will be an important event for the participants, the neighourhood, Davenport, City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. The BIG ON BLOOR Festival with the BIG community demonstrates that we can address our concerns and opportunities in a creative, innovation and exciting fashion.
Tony Ruprecht. MPP
Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament

Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre encourages your support of the Big On Bloor Street Festival and its many cultural events. CONC is a long established community organization on Bloor Street and know this kind of event is important to the health of our communities. CONC will be providing our support and we appreciate your support to help make this event successful. 
Lynn Daly
Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre, Executive Director

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