Now in it’s third year, BAAF: Bloor Alternative Art Fair is an annual showcase of contemporary art, performance and interactive art, as well as art institutions, collectives, galleries and art educators. Side by side, established and emerging talented contributors bring a vibrant mix of art practices to Toronto’s Bloordale Bloor Street.


Collectors: BAAF is an ideal place to start, or build, your art collection. The artworks presented are affordable, professional and wide-ranging.

BAAF is a featured event of the non-profit BIG on Bloor Festival. Last year more than 30,000 people attended the festival. Our special registration fee for BAAF is $50.00 including a table and two chairs. This low rate is subsidized by a BIG: Bloor Improvement Groupsponsor and signals our commitment to making this an affordable Art Fair. Other items, such as tents and display supports, are available at additional costs, through our sign-up sheet or by contacting Higgins Event Rentals directly, Alicia Fredericks at, 416.252.4050 x21 by Monday, April 30, 2012.

In the past, BAAF has included FADO Performance Art Center, Mercer Union, C Magazine, Toronto Free Gallery, The Robert Kananaj Gallery, John Abrams, Mike Hansen, Canadian Art Magazine and many others. BAAF 2011 included performances by Adriana Disman, Julian Higuerney Nunez, Daisuke Takeya and Nis Fisher.

Each year BAAF invites a curator to advance the Art Fair and review submissions to ensure quality as well as coordinate the event. Past curators: 2010: Carla Garnet, 2011: Johnson Ngo. We are pleased to have Lori-Ann Bellissimo as BAAF 2012’s curator/coordinator.

BAAF is open to all art-related projects and displays. No Sales Commissions are charged by the organizers.

Angela Matamoros is the official photographer for BAAF 2012.
Please check the BIG on Bloor Festival website in September, when our 2012 Big On Bloor Flicker account with exhibite Angela Matamoros BAAF photographs.

Previous BAAF Performance Projects 2011


Adriana Disman

Adriana Disman is a Toronto-based performance artist. In Toronto, she has performed in Toronto Free Gallery, The White House Studio Project, Trigger Festival ’11, Rhubarb Festival ’11, and Unit 6, Paton Road. Outside of Toronto, she has performed in Mobius Inc. (Boston), The School of Making Thinking (upstate NY), Times Square (NYC) and various public space interventions in Montreal and New York. In summer-fall 2011, she will perform in The Gladstone for Nuit Blanche, Theatre Passe Murraile for Summerworks, and Derek Liddington’s site-specific intervention performance for the Mississauga Art

Artist’s Statement 

My interests lie in transformation through intimate exchange. Working mainly in durational one-to-one performances, I explore the fluidity of identity, the creation of liminal space, and the shifting border between passivity and action. I design simple situations in which the outcome is unknown and determined by the participant. I am interested in the experience of both the corporeal and immaterial interaction between two bodies when common social constructs are removed or altered. Deeply personal, my work stems from a need to embrace my fear of myself.





Julian Higuerey Nunez was born in London, England in 1983. He grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where he graduated a BFA with Honors at UNEARTE (formerly IUESAPAR) after dropping out of physics school. His practice range across a wide range of mediums and although process is an important part of his production he categorizes himself as non-disciplinary. His work has been shown locally and internationally both solo and as part of group shows and festivals. He currently lives and works in Toronto where he is pursuing an MFA in the Interdisciplinary Master of Art, Media and Design program at OCAD University.

I want to be big in Performance Art

Ambitions, art is full of them. Artists want to stand out. And isn’t the desire for recognition fundamentally human? Wasn’t history (particularly modern art history) written because of a constant struggle to break away with the past and perpetuate oneself as new, different, and important? How far are we willing to go for that recognition? I want to be big in performance art! Seriously!




Born and raised in Japan, Daisuke Takeya studied at School of Visual Arts and New York Academy of Art in the States, and currently based in Toronto. He has had numerous exhibitions internationally and most recently, he co-directed and performed at the Tsunami-Relief Fundraiser, Ashita: Artists for Japan, which involved Toronto’s various art communities. A member of ARTBOUND, Daisuke is a co-director of DAICHI Projects and represented by Christopher Cutts gallery.

Nils Fischer is currently a BFA candidate at the OCAD University in Toronto. The artistic experiment of combining painting and fencing, two mediums he loves the most, started in his second year. After seven years of competitive experience as a fencer and long time interest for painting since his childhood merged with the use of the warriors screaming soul as a performative painting. He is a former student of Daisuke at La Citadelle International Academy.

Fencer vs. Samurai ~ Confrontation with a former teacher

“In the name of our swords, we paint each other till one of us stops moving!”

In this street fight style performance, a fencer/former student fights with a samurai/his former teacher inside a cage wrapped around by transparent canvases. Inspired by contemporary Japanese manga and abstract expressionism or action painting, Fencer vs. Samurai aims to create an intense yet whimsical momentum combining western and Eastern sword fight actions and engages Big on Bloor Festival audience.