Celebrate Here

Local groups and performers will fill the stage in the Bloor/Dufferin School yard as well as being woven through the fabric of the neighbourhood.

This year will encourage stage event for originals songs, raps, plays or performances that include references to the local, local being a sliding scale mentioning any of the following: Bloor Street, Bloordale, Toronto, Ontario or Canada.

Who is invited to the BIG on Bloor Festival

We invite the local community, residents of Toronto and Canadian and International tourists interested in the contemporary culture: art, performance, music, walking, multi-culturalism, food, and family participatory events.

Thank you to our sponsors, contributors, participants and the Bloordale Community.

Everyone is welcomed here. 
The BIG on Bloor 2011 Festival is an initiative of the Bloordale BIA.
Bloordale BIA | BIG: Big Improvement Group

For further information please contact:
Dougal Bichan, Musician, Artist, BIG Festival Director
416.645.0295 | dougal@dougalco.com
Dyan Marie, Artist, BIG Co-chair, Bloordale Creative Director
416.539.8129 | dyan@dyanmarie.com