BIG Awards

2015 BIG Award Nominees!

The BIG Awards celebrates outstanding effort made by individuals, organizations and institutions.  The awards open the BIG on Bloor Festival on the Main Bloordale Stage at 1141 Bloor Street, August 22, 2015, 1:00 PM. 

Life-time achievement award to

Spiro Koumoudouros, former Bloordale BIA chair and former BIG co-chair. 


Awards of appreciation to elected politicians

Ana Bailão, Councillor Ward 18
Cristina Martins, MPP for Davenport
Andrew Cash, MP for Davenport 


Awards of appreciation nominated by Ana Bailão, Councillor for Ward 18 

Bonnie has been a Ward 18 resident and a key member of the Bloor Dufferin Resident's Association for many years.  Among many other issues, Bonnie has played a major role in advocating for development that is in keeping with the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood.

Melanie is a super-loved crossing guard, who spent decades ensuring the safety of pedestrians crossing at the Dupont/Bartlett intersection for decades.  She is now retired, but very much adored and missed by the community members she kept safe. 

The College West BIA came into existence a little over two years ago, and despite such a short period of time, has accomplished many things.  To date, they have worked extensively on a branding strategy, they have installed street banners, murals and are now in the process of improving the BIA's streetscape.  Their hard work during such a brief period of time is to be commended. 

Pete is the owner of aptly named Sweet Pete's.  He is a generous city-wide bike advocate, and active in the Bloordale BIA board.  Pete owns one of Bloordale's oldest businesses with some of the most welcoming and caring staff.

Kristen Fahrig
Kristen is a local artist, community builder and active member in the community.  Her work with the McGregor community gardens is just the latest of her many community contributions.  The gardens are fully accessible and are used for educational purposes for the youth in the neighbourhood and a clear example of inter-generational community building.

Christopher Freitas
Christopher is a school teacher, community animator and has led many youth initiatives over the years.  Christopher was a founder of the youth group at Casa dos Açores and is currently the leader of the folklore group.  His initiatives to motivate youth to participate in the community deserves special recognition.


Awards of appreciation nominated by Cristina Martins, MPP for Davenport 

Beverley Gordon
Beverley was the first CEO of The Safehaven Project for Community Living. For 25 years, she built Safehaven from the ground up, to being more than just a respite centre for children suffering from severe medical challenges and a place of comfort for their families. Her dedication, hard-work and compassion merit’s her for this recognition.

Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre’s EdgeWest Clinic
The health care providers at the new EdgeWest clinic, a collaboration between Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre and Planned Parenthood Toronto, work incredibly hard to provide drop-in medical, mental, and sexual health care services for young people aged 13-29.  This youth-informed, youth-positive clinic is the first of its kind in our area, and as such it is an important resource to empower and support youth in our community.

Ellen Anderson
Ellen has been a championing voice for those living with disabilities for 23 years. In 1992, she founded Creative Spirit Art Centre as a studio and gallery space where artists with disabilities could come and create, exhibit and sell their artwork. Ellen continues to be a community builder by promoting the talents and skills of people with all abilities. 

Felicidade Macedo
Felicidade has been a devoted figure in our community for over 43 years through Working Women Community Centre. As a proponent of social justice, Felicidade is a champion of women’s rights, civic engagement, youth activism and newcomer settlement, just to name a few.

Matt Park
Matt is a tirelessly dedicated advocate for his community. As both the founder and president of the Davenport Village Community Association, Matt has worked remarkably hard with countless members of his community to transform Davenport Village into the enviously vibrant community we know it to be today.

Midwives Collective of Toronto
The Midwives Collective is an invaluable new addition to Bloordale which provides such essential care for families in our community. The energy and dedication that the Midwives have is so evident in everything that they do to support the families of Davenport and Toronto.


Awards of appreciation nominated by Andrew Cash MP for Davenport

Dr Tomas Ferreira
Dr Ferreira is a stalwart in Toronto's Portuguese community, with decades of selfless service through his involvement in First Portuguese Canadian Cultural Centre and Casa do Alentejo. He has educated countless children on health issues through his appearances at schools and in the media. He is also a proud resident of Bloordale.

Bloor-Dufferin Community Hub Campaign Leaders
The TDSB lands at Bloor and Dufferin have been a central part of our neighbourhood for decades. These dedicated Bloordale residents have lead the fight to preserve this important space and ensure that community voices were heard in the process. Thanks to their hard work and the support of TDSB Trustee Marit Stiles, the TDSB put forth a proposal to officially develop the area as a community hub.

Haven Espresso Bar
For more than 3 years, Haven Espresso Bar has fuelled Bloordale residents through their tiny Brock Ave location! Owners Jason Raabe and Helen Acraman have also been tireless community builders, throwing great events, supporting local projects, and always lending a hand to neighbours in need.

Imam Shabir Ally
Imam Shabir Ally has led the community at the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International for many years with humility and distinction. He has also been an active participant in interfaith dialogues and promoting understanding and acceptance.

Toronto School of Art
Davenport is home to a fantastic arts community and the Toronto School of Art has been an excellent neighbourhood addition since 2013. They offer a wide range of visual art classes and are strongly committed to community access and service. In addition, their students artwork can be seen all over Bloordale!

Ana Maria Dias and Cristiano Macedo
Ana Maria and Cristiano are long-term volunteers at the Asas do Atlântico S.S. Club, a social and cultural association that promotes Portuguese culture, traditions, and roots here in Davenport. Both have served the club with dedication and conviction for many years, in leadership roles and as active members. They have also shared their stories and tasty traditional food!


BIG Award of Appreciate

Community Policing, City of Toronto, 11 Division


Award of recognition to the Bloordale BIA board

Liza Lukashevsky
BIA Chairperson | Nut House, 1256 Bloor Street West
Pete Lilly
BIA Vice-chairperson Sweet Pete’s Bicycle Store, 1204 Bloor Street West
Jason Raabe
BIA Treasurer  | Haven, 1201 Bloor Street West
Niki Tsourounakis
BIA Secretary Bar Neon, 1226 Bloor Street West
Domingos Amarac
Brock Sandwich, 1260 Bloor Street West
Harrison Mazis
Duffy’s Tavern / Duffy’s Diner, 1238-1236 Bloor Street West
Tom Tsimenidis
T.T. Techologies, 1209 Bloor Street West


“Nowhere in the City of Toronto do we have the unique level of culture, talent, and creativity as in our own backyard. Whether it is that neighbour maintaining the community garden, or that parent starting a new recreation art program for youth, we may not know their names, but we are surrounded by their positive contributions as community leaders. The BIG awards are our chance to learn about the incredible projects taking place in our neighbourhood and recognize those people who make our area a special place to live, work and play.”
- Ana Bailão, City Councilor of Ward 18 

“Every year I look forward to seeing the incredibly deserving recipients of the BIG Awards recognized for their inspiring dedication to our community here in Davenport. I'd like to thank the Bloor Improvement Group for your commitment to celebrating our community's accomplishments and your work to make Davenport the best it can be.”  
Cristina Martins, Member of Provincial Parliament for Davenport

“A community is as good as the people in it. In Davenport we have great people—people willing to put in countless hours volunteering, people willing to put their significant gifts, skills and intelligence to the purpose of creating a thriving community that cares for each other. It is important that from time to time we take the time to honour those unsung heroes in our midst who help make Davenport such a great place to live, to work and to be.”
 - Andrew Cash, Canadian Member of Parliament