JOUEZ 2015 at BIG on Bloor Festival 

August 22 - 23, 2015

Curated and photographed by Carla GarnetJOUEZ at BIG On Bloor Festival presents a memorable and engaging program of all-free projects, where people can spend quality time doing hands-on activities and take part in unique events that develop into shared artworks of experience. These curated projects reflect the diversity and energy of our downtown neighbourhood, by way of accessible multimedia, community platforms and engaging art installations. JOUEZ offers an array of opportunities to participate! Festivalgoers can touch, make, learn and connect through artworks conceived and delivered by professional artists and arts organizations. Together, the JOUEZ program serves as a site for cultural exchange and an accessible cultural incubator for artist teams and artist organizations with emerging and established participatory art practices.

JOUEZ comprises 14 outstanding participatory / performance art projects and installations expressing old and new forms of storytelling, featuring: Schoolin’ U by BONERKILLMuskrat Love Returns by Jimson BowlerBasement performed by Sandra BrewsterVictorian Flip Books by Erella Ganon; fortunes told by Madame Zsa Zsa aka Andrew HarwoodThat Blue. That Red. That Yellow. by Svava Thordis Juliusson; Cameraless Workshop delivered by LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers)Collision Container, a collaborative installation by Melanie Lowe; a New Music Program with Amai Kuda and Y Josephine, Pantayo, and New Civilization programmed by The MUSIC GALLERY / David Dacks with Special Sunday guests Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture; Only You performed by the Native Women in the Arts Collective; Sightless Stories collected and videotaped by the BLIND ARCHITECT Alexander PilisLast Day On Earth Tea Dance brought to you by TRANSMISSION COMMISSION (Keith Cole, Kelly McCray, Steph Rogerson)Zeesy Powers Live Performance and Members Mixtape programmed by TSV (Trinity Square Video) with Special Sunday Guests Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery (YTB) and the Bureau For Life Complaints performed by festivalgoers and the Young Mammals - Mammalian Diving Reflex.

BONERKILL with Pamila Matharu - Schoolin' U

Schoolin’ U is a project brought to you by Bonerkill – an intergenerational female artist/action collective.  Bonerkill works within hi/low art-making forms of socially engaged art, ephemera and zine making to highlight issues of equal rights (or lack of) and strengthen a dialogue between all audiences.

Jimson Bowler - Muskrat Love Returns


Jimson Bowler’s Muskrat Love Returns addresses ‘the people’ and how they activate their place in the world. Bowler’s project for JOUEZ includes a gift exchange and a reiteration of a pirate spaceship/futuristic canoe–constructed during the festival, which suggests the possibility of flying at warp speed through a Mad Max universe of cultural delusion.

Sandra Brewster - Basement

During the 1970s Caribbean folk, who had recently arrived in Toronto, created festive environments in the lower levels of their homes. 

Sandra Brewster’s BASEMENT is a community experience installation that recreates this atmosphere.

Erella Ganon - Wow Erella Flip/Books


Wow Erella Flip/Books celebrates Victorian technology’s early exploration of animation in a project that illustrates ‘the how to’ of two-page flipbooks that everyone can do! Erella Ganon creates illustrated journals about her life. She chronicles her health journey through a series of images in what she calls a ‘graphic autobiography.’

Andrew Harwood -  Madame Zsa Zsa


Andrew Harwood, aka Mme. Zsa Zsa, the $2 Psychic reads fortunes as a form of performance and telling the future.  For JOUEZ, s/he will be presenting an iteration from her ongoing performance series: ‘Mdme Zsa Zsa’ gives ‘psychic readings’ to the public as a kind of drag social relativist performance. 

Svava Thordis Juliusson - That Blue. That Red. That Yellow. 

Svava Thordis Juliusson’s piece for JOUEZ That Blue. That Red. That Yellow. is installed at Bloor and Dufferin and there’s also a mobile-making workshop! Festivalgoers are invited to create scaled-down mobiles in the artist’s tent, using string, wire and acetate (red, blue, yellow) creating a colourful presence in the tent that mirrors her large-scale installation. 

This presentation of That Blue. That Red. That Yellow. is being realized through the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council's Exhibition Assistance Program.

LIFT (Liaison of Independent Filmmakers) - Drawing On Film/Cameraless Workshop 

LIFT presents two family-friendly activities: Drawing On Film and Cameraless workshop in front of Mercer Union, with artists Eva Kolcze and Leslie Supnet. Learn to make an animated film loop, then see your film come to life on a 16mm projector in a cinema tent! Materials provided! 

Melanie Lowe

Collision Container

Melanie Lowe’s Collision Container invites BIG festivalgoers to participate in altering an installation through collaborative experience. Through video, installation and the organization of ephemeral events, Lowe’s art practice seeks to highlight the fleeting quality of the visual and how we relate to all living creatures in contemporary life. 


New Music Program: Amai Kuda & Y Josephine, Pantayo and New Civilization with special Sunday guests Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture. 


The MUSIC GALLERY is Toronto’s Centre For Creative Music: presenting this city’s most exciting and innovative sounds! For JOUEZ, they’ve programmed new music performances by Amai Kuda & Y Josephine, Pantayo, and New Civilization.

Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture has been invited by the MUSIC GALLERY to present a program featuring the music, history and cultural heritage of their community.

Native Women in the Arts Collective - Only You (Tee Pee) 

Native Women in the Arts (NWIA) presents Only You. This tee-pee project arrives at the BIG On Bloor festival courtesy of NWA, an organization for Indigenous women artists working at the intersection of traditional and contemporary practices. 

Alexander Pilis -  Blind Architect/Sightless Stories

Sightless Stories is a participatory project where the artist records (video / audio) of each participant's response to the question: ‘Can you describe what you saw when you couldn't see?’ Alexander Pilis is an artist and architectural investigator who creates devices related to perception in architectural spaces through public visual interaction. 

Transmission Commission:  Keith Cole, Kelly McCray, Steph Rogerson -  Last Day On Earth Tea Dance

We are here to let you lose yourself and dance like it’s the last day on earth. We have worked together before, creating several awesome art projects of varying successes and failures. We equalize success as fiasco and a lack of success as triumph.

Trinity Square Video (TSV) - Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery (YTB)

Live Multimedia Performance By Zeesy Powers and Members Mixtape Screening 

Founded in 1971, Trinity Square Video is Toronto's longest running media arts centre! Visit our booth to try out Go Pro cameras, check out our past exhibitions and grab some swag! On Saturday night, TSV presents a live multimedia performance by Zeesy Powers, followed by Members Mixtape, a curated screening of video works by our members.

YTB Gallery (or Younger Than Beyoncé is a nomadic artist-run centre that has recently opened it's doors in Regent Park. The mandate of the gallery is to support the professional art practice of artists under the age of 33 by making opportunities to exhibit their artwork and make leaps towards art stardom. At Big on Bloor we are handing out merch and some tasty refreshments. See you soon!

Young Mammals - Mammalian Diving Reflex

Bureau For Life Complaints

The Bureau of Life Complaints is led by a team of teen administrators interested in learning about your problems as a resident in the second saddest city in the country, and how, if at all, these individual ailments are linked to larger issues that shape the world. After gathering complaints, the administrators will sort, generalize, and connect them to illustrate a system of concerns that the Bureau will present to the City of Toronto that may or may not help them understand the social core of our collective unhappiness. 

JOUEZ is curated by Carla Garnet. Page designed by Jennifer Vong.