Stage Performers

Celebrate Here, at the BIG on Bloor Festival, sponsored by Nestlé Canada

There was one main performance stage at the BIG on Bloor Festival, 2014, The Main Festival Stage in front Bloor Collegiate Institute, at 1141 6Bloor Street West, and a smaller stage in the schoolyard at Dufferin and Bloor.  Other stage performances will be scattered in various locations throughout the festival in local stores, restaurants and bars, as parades, busker stations, and as part of some table stations.

Saturday, July 19
Nestlé Main Stage
1141 Bloor Street West

12:30 pm Street Parade, leading to the main stage for the opening of the festival
1:00 pm Opening Ceremonies and Awards Andrew Cash MP, Christina Martins MPP, Ana Bailao, Councillor, Spiro Koumoudouros and Dyan Marie, Bloordale BIA
2:00 pm Come/Unity Singers Honey Novick leads a choral group of local people
2:20 pm Andrew Cash Juno award-winning singer/songwriter and MP Davenport riding.
3:00 pm Nhapitapi Nhapitapi is a Toronto based Zimbabwean Music Band, who specialize in rich old musical and dance traditions from Southern Africa. Nhapitapi music draws on the Mbira , an old spiritual instrument that has been played in Southern Africa for hundreds of years. Many have found the music to have a universal appeal both to those who know it well, and to people who have never heard Chimurenga music.
4:00 pm Mas Aya Mas Aya is the solo project of percussionist Brandon Valdivia. A play on words, Mas Aya combines the Spanish term mas allé(the beyond) and Masaya, the town in Nicaragua when his Grandmother was born. Fusing elements of Colombian Cumbia, Mbira music of Zimbabwe, Indonesian Gamelan, American Free Jazz and 20th Century Western Music, Valdivia plays instruments from throughout the Americas and Africa with electronic embellishments.
5:00 pm Andrea Kuzmich

Challenging conventions, BROULALA explores the groove in a cappella jazz through improvisation and variation. Featuring excellent singers, cool arrangements of standards, and exploring some less traditional song forms, BROULALA offers an exciting and fresh take on the vocal jazz ensemble.

6:00 pm Roman Walte Roman Walte is a folk rock and roll band from Toronto. Writing original music the group draws from the heart wrenched music of outlaw country acts like Wayon Jennings and Johnny Cash while  integrating their own spacey guitar driven melodies that recall the likes of Big Star and late era Beatles.
7:00 pm ZIMZUM

INFLUENCES: Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Spirogyra, Pat Metheny, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock and Dave Holland etc.

8:00 pm redXdown

Chemical Brothers and U2  descend to the Underworld whilst listening to great indie electronic music on the Radiohead

Sunday, July 20
Nestlé Main Stage
1141 Bloor Street West

noon Street Parade lead up to a stage performance.
12:15 Randolph School Musical theatre song and dance by students currently in training at Canada''s first Triple Threat(R) school.
1:00 Where Have All the Folk Songs gone

Celebrate and sing-a-long to the peace, justice and quirky songs of the legendary "Folk Revival"of the early 1960'S

2:00 Meg Tennant

Meg Tennant’s songs are “beguilingly beautiful” according to Steve Edge, artistic director of BC’s Rogue Folk Club, where Meg has opened shows for Tom Russell and Eliza Gilkyson.  Meg’s songs have been recorded and performed by folk and bluegrass artists, and choirs in Canada, Australia and Sweden.

3:00 Alissa Vox Raw

If a jazz diva from the 1920s was reincarnated into a looping indie songstress, it would be Alissa Vox Raw.


Drop ups

For the love of frequencies that makes a soul vibrate, shake, dance and spirit wake, The DropUps are an alchemical mix of Reggae, Funk-soul, Greek-folk and Rumba. We are a band that isn''t afraid to mix it up, and always colour outside the lines. We believe there are no rules to music and what you can do creatively. We are in love with the rhythm that is produced by the sound the heart makes as it pumps, thump-THUMP... the sound of people in motion. we are The DropUps


Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble

Foly created the first iteration of Asiko while living in New York for 9 years. There, he developed his sound and performed at such venues as the Knitting Factory and the Five Spot Club and the ''Rockin Beats Music Festival''. Since coming to Toronto in 2012 he has reformed the group under the name Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble.

Asiko has been on a quick rise here in Toronto. They have twice featured at Uma Nota''s Festival of Tropical Expression and twice featured at Music Africa''s (creators of Afrofest) mid-year programming, sharing the stage with Madagascar Slim and Nja

6:00 Finish and Shutdown