Stage Performers

Celebrate Here, at the BIG on Bloor Festival, sponsored by Nestlé Canada

There will be two main performance stages at the BIG on Bloor Festival, 2016, The Main Festival Stage in front Bloor Collegiate Institute, at 1141 Bloor Street West, and another, the Dufferin Stage in the schoolyard at Dufferin and Bloor.  More performances will be scattered in various locations throughout the festival in local stores, restaurants and bars, as parades, busker stations, as part of some table stations, and most notably on the St Clarens Stage at St Clarens and Bloor, midway between Mercer Union and Holy Oak, curated by Justin of Holy Oak. 

Saturday, July 23
Main Stage
1141 Bloor Street West

12:30 pm   Street Parade, leading to the main stage for the opening of the festival
1:00 pm Opening Ceremonies and Awards BIG Awards from Julia Dzerowicz MP, Cristina Martins MPP, Ana Bailão City Councillor, Jason Campbell BIG, Dyan Marie, and Dougal Bichan
2:00 pm Sonshine and Broccoli The multi- talented duo Sonshine and Broccoli combine their musical talent with infectious enthusiasm making them one of the most sought after child entertainers in Canada.
3:00 pm DRUMHAND Worldly Percussion meets Brass Band meets Exploratory Jazz
4:00 pm Urban Highlanders What started out as largely an Americana influenced song repertoire has blossomed into a full-on multi instrumental cultural mash-up with strong strains of Celtic, American old-timey, African influenced percussion, Rhythm & Blues, world and folk music
5:00 pm Gaura-Shakti Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting whose roots go back over unlimited years to India. It is a form of bhakti-yoga (yoga of devotion) and has the power to open the heart. Gaura-Shakti is a Toronto-based kirtan yoga group with experienced musicians that hail from various parts of the world, including Russia, India and Canada.
Gaura-Shakti Members:
Dhira - lead vocals/guitar/harmonium
Mahabhagavat - bamboo flute
Kevala - mrdanga-drum
Taravali - back-up & lead vocals/harmonium/kartalas
Radha - sitar/vocals
Yuriy - Djembe/sound"
6:00 pm Zuze

Zuze plays afrofunk music from Iran & Azerbaijan. We are an 8-pc brass ensemble arranging traditional Iranian folk/pop melodies to an afrobeat rhythm section. The sound of sunglasses being worn.

7:00 pm

Bloordale Blues Express

The blues duet of Arnd Jurgensen (guitar) and Bob Vespaziani (drums) channel open improvisation through the tradition of the blues featured in the juke joints of the rural deep south.

8:00 pm Dévah Quartet

Dévah Quartet is a Toronto-based electric string quartet playing original rock and progressive rock tunes with effects pedals and a drummer. Dévah has been featured in the UK magazine 'PROG,' and aired across North America.

9:00 pm Close and Shut Down

Saturday, July 23
Dufferin Stage
School Playground
Dufferin and Bloor

In Sonic Toronto Finn and Wolf Media showcase local Toronto bands, in a variety of different sounds and atmospheres. Saturday is Rock and Roll focused, with some young up-and-coming bands as well as some veteran players, with genres ranging from folk rock, to traditional Rock n' Roll, to Punk inspired Rock, to Psychedelic Surf Rock. Sunday focuses on local Funk and RnB acts, chalk full of exceptional players and souls. Sonic Toronto aims to give the Big on Bloor audience a wide range of different sounds and styles, to open ears to the vast selections and scenes of music in our much-loved city.

The night time live and recorded videos are presented by Trinity Square Video.

4:00 pm The Cool Hands

The Cool Hands are a garage rock and roll band from Toronto who spent time living and writing music above a hardware store on the worst road in Canada. Sally Cinnamon, Luke James and Ty Hudecki have released several 7”s and are releasing an LP next year. “Fun is a thing of the future and the future is now! The Cool Hands are here the sun is here, you're here let's have a good time and feel alright. 3 piece garage rock 100% local 100% organic and 35% vegan”

5:00 pm Hurricane and Able

Hurricane and Able are an Indie-Rock group based in Toronto, with members from all around Southern Ontario, that incorporate elements of surf and folk rock. Formed with all talented and experienced musicians, they create a dreamy and enticing sound.

6:00 pm Wolves in the Timber

A alternative Rock/Punk band from Toronto, members Mike Overend, Zach O'Rourke, James De Keyzer, and Justin Dobbs come together for a ripping, captivating sound, that has classic rock n’ roll elements fused with Punk-Rock influence and modern style.

7:00 pm ZONES

ZONES initially began as a sphere of sonic exploration established in the summer of 2012 by Toronto-based multi-media artist Derek McKeon. Working as ZONES, McKeon weaves hypnotic loops and psychedelic textures together to create a marbling of pop hooks and kaleidoscopic haze. Multi-instrumentalist Kat Murie joined as a member of the live band, re-interpreting and augmenting the recorded material for a live environment.

9:00 pm TSV Trinity Square Video screening with special MERCER CAMEO 
11:00 pm Finish and shut down stage

Saturday, July 23

St Clarens Stage
St. Clarens and Bloor
Curated by Justin and Holy Oak

3:30 pm Brenna MacCrimmon & Demetri Petsalakis  Individually, Brenna MacCrimmon and Demetrios Petsalakis perform with a lot of bands in Toronto: Nomadica, Turkwaz, Zephyr, Ventanas and Fray to name a few. Together they delve into tunes and songs from Turkey, Greece and Macedonia on oud, Cretan lyra, baglamas, tambura, ukulele and voice. Soulful, lyrical, rhythmic, crazy and fun.
4:30 pm Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is an instrumental ensemble led by Toronto composer and saxophonist Brodie West (Drumheller, the Lina Allemano Four, the Ex). The band plays original instrumental music which draws upon the rhythms and melodies of Calypso, Dancehall Reggae, Bossa Nova and embraces the collective freedom of improvisation established by Jazz greats such as Sun Ra, Duke Ellington and The Art Ensemble of Chicago. The group features an all-star cast of Toronto’s most unique and inventive musicians.
“West manages to combine the accessible and avant-garde in an appealing way”
-Kerry Doole, Exlaim! Magazine
5:30 pm LAL Formed in 1998 by the dynamic duo of poet, lyricist, activist, singer and Bengali-rooted tough-guy Rosina Kazi and her life partner, producer, sound designer, philosopher, aphorismist and Barbados-born king of chill, Nicholas Murray, LAL always proved hard to describe. The group has developed a sound over the last decade fusing South-Asian roots, West Indian fruits, and melancholic vocals with jazz sensibilities, hip hop influences, down tempo grooves, broken soul, and electro.

LAL has produced two full-length albums, Corners (2002), and Warm Belly High Power (2004), which was awarded the best soul album in 2004 by Exclaim! Magazine They’re a band, but not only a band - they're a music making magical mushroom, the visible flowering part of a much larger organism, connected with very fine but infinitely resilient roots.
6:30 pm Prince Niftyspan Prince Nifty is the creation of Toronto’s Matt Smith. He constructs weirdo, progressive pop-tunes of the psychedelic persuasion. Multi-faceted and genre bending, he creates experimental tracks that contains elements of freak folk, psychedelia, ambient techno, walls of sound, progressive pop & chanting.
7:30 pm OG Melody OG Melody is the duo of Thom Gill and Isla Craig. These two take classic ’90s-style R&B and fuse it with pop sensibility and silkiness to create a sexy pop sound.
8:30 pm Mamalia With a massive appetite for all things that make people dance and fly, Mamalia (previously Amalia) creates beat driven boogie and funk with a ferocity that makes bodies move.
First introduced to the art world by way of her involvement as lead vocalist/writer for Juno nominated contemporary jazz band SEKOYA, the past decade has been that of exponential growth. Circling the globe, playing from Tokyo to London, she has been pushing herself outside of the genre box... mind you she always seems to make her way back home to the FUNK.
"If 'Atomic Dog' & 'Funkin' For Jamaica' had a baby, and the Godparents were Bernie Worell and Chaka Khan, this would be the offspring." -
9:30 pm DJ Cam Lee Cameron Lee (Feministry, SISTEM) is a Toronto-based artist and DJ. Cameron performs as Marilyn Mansion, an alter ego who builds installations, collects ephemera and combines these using humour, making familiarity feel strange. Cameron received a Toronto Arts Council Grant for Emerging Artists in 2015 for this project.
Cameron’s monthly DJ event FEMINISTRY is a queer oriented dance party, inviting queer and allied friends to play a mix of house, techno and weird music; making space for queer femmes on the dance floor.
11:00 pm Finish and shut down stage

Sunday, July 24

Main Stage
1141 Bloor Street West


The Randolph Academy The Randolph Academy is a non-profit educational institution providing performing arts training in college, youth show, and children's recreational programs.
1:00 Kingdom of Birds Kingdom of Birds are a rock band consisting of three members aged 9 to 13. They play all original material and are already well experienced having played dozens of live shows around Toronto in the past two years. Their second album will be out this spring.
2:00 Mason Chance

Piano-based emerging artist Mason Chance is a jazz vocal student at Humber. He is inspired by all things Apple, chocolate, Ben Folds and Stevie Wonder.

3:00 Communism

Spirit-lifting dance party for social change. Take Care of Each Other, One of Everyone, Heartfarmer, Forgiveness, Pocket Sunrise... Our songs warm your heart while our riffs make you dance. There is hope for rock and roll, and for the world.

4:00 Noah Zacharin

Noah Zacharin was born in Montreal and resides in Toronto.
He’s been called “a stunning guitarist” (Holger Petersen, CBC), “a wonderful songwriter and performer” (Paul Mills, Borealis Records), and “a poet, a songwriter, a singer we have been waiting for” (Penny Lang). Minor 7th commented: “like Bruce Cockburn, Ry Cooder, and Bonnie Raitt, Noah Zacharin possesses a virtuoso command of the guitar…world-wise songwriting”.


The Databats

The Databats are an internet-transmitted electro/industrial glitch/synthpunk music and art collective. Current swarm seeding from Toronto.

6:00 pm Finish and shut down Festival end

Sunday, July 24
Dufferin Stage
School Playground
Dufferin and Bloor

10:00 am Dovercourt Baptist Church Ecumenical Church service, everyone is welcome.
noon Quiet time
3:00 pm Nico Henderson
4:00 pm theflow

Features a rotating membership of local Toronto musicians. A dynamic eight piece collective theflow embraces pop, hip hop and neo-soul aesthetics while pushing their exploratory boundaries with jazz and funk nuances. Bandleader/Producer Julian 'Fatsound' Clarke is the last surviving member of the band's original lineup. This exciting young collective features their lead singer alongside full rhythm and horn sections, and highlights guest rappers and vocalists. 

5:00 pm Del Hartley:

The once anonymous city kid who has come to be a modern renaissance man and captivating R&B, Pop, Soul artist. Hartley’s passion for storytelling has led him to study various art forms, but no other captured him the way music has. Self-taught on guitar and piano, Del’s songs are a melodic composition of his own experiences. The album, ‘Sinphony’ provides listeners with perspective and insight on the cycle of relationships, from the initial infatuation and to when it fades.

6:00 pm Finish and shut down Festival end