The BIG on Bloor Festival attracts 100,000 visitors annually and celebrated 10 years of community building, culturally significant events, activities, displays and exhibitions. This year focus will be given to defined areas for exhibiting artists, and spaces to showcase contemporary performances.

These sites were accessible to the general public for free, enriching the festival through a series of offsite, site specific projects. While events will correspond with BIG on Bloor Festival dates, installations will continue to be maintained until Fall 2017.

"New Sky"

Curated By Paddy Leung

@ Bloor and Dufferin Tennis Courts

On June 1st, the world celebrates International Children's Day. In light of the current refugee crisis and responses of growing nationalism, it is especially important to draw attention to this day that seeks to highlight the plight of children internationally. A sky covered by Japanese Fish Kites (also known as koinobori) create a safe space at the BIG On Bloor Festival, and celebrate new hope for children everywhere.

"Textile Stage"

Curated by Lido Pimienta

@ Main Stage

Site-Based Environment Painting

By Arshia Salesi

@ Bloor Underpass

 This piece takes influence from supergraphics, a universalist, functionalist and reductive practice that aims at neutralizing taste and communication. By using Farsi letters that morph into abstract shapes, there is no direct communication because the text is illegible, which should instead be observed from a formal standpoint. 

By painting multiple planes, the wall, and the ground, the viewers are invited to enter the painting just by walking on the ground that is painted. The coloured surfaces activate the viewer as they are walked on. The festival creates a meeting point of various layers of activity that is not just a set of social conditions determined by the local cultures or populations but also an intersection of movement flows at varying scales.

Persian Outdoor Rug Collection

By Arshia Salesi

@ Bloor UPX Station/ Railpath 

Similar to the painted surfaces, this work will be outdoor and temporary that will occupy public surfaces of visibility during the festival. The printed and wheat pasted life size Persian rugs/ Kilims aim at creating a resting area for the festival attendees. The ground is activated with Persian carpets and individuals who come to contact with it. These traditional Persian carpets and Kilims are originally meant to be kept in private homes and walked on without shoes due to their delicate silk and wool material. By publicizing Persian carpets through the use of printed material, the images of the rugs maintain their delicate design, and an inexpensive material in order to be interacted with outdoors and with shoes.

"What's in Your Fridge?" by Althea Balmes & Atanas Bozdarov, Akin Landsdowne

"An Artist at Work" by Sarvenaz Rayati, Akin Landsdowne

"Bloordale Freestyle" by Billy Franklin, Akin Dupont

@ 1319 Bloor Street X, Value Village Parking Lot

Akin is proud to present three new outdoor murals by our studio artists as a part of BIG Xplorations. The works will be created on-site at 1319 Bloor St W in the Value Village parking lot, and along the West Toronto Railpath. These murals will represent the diversity of Akin Collective studio artists and our neighbourhood and community

Speaker's Corner

Museum of Contemporary Art

@Bloor and St. Clarens

For BIG On Bloor, MOCA will create a free interactive video experience whereby participants can actively participate within an opinion poll (open air to public speaking) type of activation. Participants will be filmed and led through a series of questions pertaining to the opening of the new Museum of Contemporary Art and also their view on how contemporary art, or art in general, has shaped their lives/ community.