Info for Participants

Get BIG on Bloor! On Saturday, July 21st, 2018, Bloor Street West will be “car free” from Dufferin to Lansdowne Avenue, from Noon to Midnight. Many activities will be happening in the neighbourhood. Come celebrate local community, business, arts and culture. Rent one or more tables and join the festival. Sell something, share something, teach something—use your imagination!

Bring something BIG to the table. What would YOU like to bring?  Maybe it is a NEW thing, a BIG thing, a BIG idea, or a BIG meal. Whatever you can dream up! Make it BIG.

PLEASE NOTE: The festival is always changing. This year we are focussing more on Arts and Culture and more on local artists and atrtisans. The name has been changed to the the BIG on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture. We are reducing the number of available spaces this year. There will be less vendors from outside Bloordale. We will not allow grilling of food at the festival.

We are working towards a Zero Waste event. This means that anything you bring to the festival should go either into the green or blue bin. The Festival reserves the right to refuse any vendor if they do not fit our criteria. If you are unsure, please contact the festival staff to find out.

Schedule for Saturday -

8:00 am  start street closure and table setup
9:00 am  street closed, tables ready for vendors
11:00 am  street closed, all vendors vehicles cleared, tents and spaces near finished installing.
Noon  festival starts, stage entertainment starts, children’s activities start
7:00 pm

Most festival activities end, start clearing street, cleaning up garbage, and removing barriers while accessing side streets, keeping the street open and car-free during other activities.

Further programming continues for Bloordale Businesses until late, but Community Market, Art Activities and Play-Fair comes to and end.

9:00 pm

Night time festival activities begin, including parades, projection presentations, beer gardens and continued Main Stage performances.


All festival activities end, start clearing street, cleaning up garbage and vendor vehicles allowed for strike.

1:00 am

All patios come to a close, all remaining vendors must clear the street, all barriers removed.

8:00 am

Bloor Street re-opens to traffic!


Loading/Unloading to Bloor Street:

  • There are parking lots surrounding the festival boundaries. Please utilize these. Do NOT rely on driving your vehicle to your booth site, instead parking a distance away, and walk over your supplies using a cart. Refer to map for closest Green P Parking and Dufferin Mall lot.
  • By 11am all vendor carts, vehicles, and other transportation should be cleared off the street and focus on setting up the spaces for festival opening.
  • Saturday night the street is car-free. Despite activities ceasing at 9pm and completely at Midnight, vendors are not permitted to drive vehicles to their booth to do overnight load until AFTER Midnight. Instead, walk a cart to nearest parking spots, or pull vehicle up to the barriers from any of the side streets - NOT Lansdowne or Dufferin.

For all participants / vendors:

  • rent a table or more, sign up online or by mail
  • sell it BIG (think of a way to be unique or literally BIG with your service / presentation)
  • you will receive updates by email as we get closer to the festival
  • there will be monthly public meetings as we get closer to the festival
  • you will receive a table number and location and a vending permit for the festival about a week before
  • the street is gratefully insured for liability by the Bloordale BIA. Any further insurance is your own responsibility, but not mandatory for participation

For all artists:

  • Provided tents are 10ft x 10ft and come with 2 grids to hang artwork
  • Tents are white, and signage is provided on-site with your name and section  
  • If you are exhibiting at BAAF, which is located in the tennis courts at Bloor and Dufferin, please report to the information booth who will direct you to your space, and have all your signage made up on the spot
  • It is not recommended to leave artwork overnight on the Saturday. We do have security and lock the tennis courts up, but it is a risk easily avoidable by simply removing works and reinstalling the next morning between 9am and noon.

For existing Bloor Street retail stores

  • the activity will all be out on the street, you can join online by reserving a space for free!
  • sign up online or by mail
  • no additional permit is required to sell on the street for the festival
  • you can sell any merchandise that you usually sell in your store
  • sell it BIG (think of a way to be unique, or literally BIG with your service / presentation)

For existing restaurants

  • the action will be all out on the street, you can join in by renting tables for your customers to eat at
  • all food must be prepared in your own restaurant kitchen and either
    • served to customers inside your restaurant
    • served to customers on outside tables
    • sold as takeout
  • if you want to prepare food on the street you will need to obtain a Temporary Food Vendors permit from Toronto Public Health Department,
  • make something BIG, a BIG meal, BIG drink, a BIG plate…make a special for Bloor, for Bloordale, and for Toronto
  • we are expecting big crowds, please make sure you have enough food
  • make arrangements to reduce as much as possible, and remove any garbage

For existing liquor licences

  • a temporary liquor licence extension is required to serve alcohol outside your establishment, contact the AGCO for the correct form #3098B
  • the area must be adjacent to the licensed establishment and surrounded by a barrier
  • if you need barriers and extra table and chairs, we can arrange to rent them for you, at our cost -
    7′ barrier – $14
    8′ table – $10
    chair – $2
  • submit your application 30 days before the event, with a drawing of the proposed extension
  • the BIG on Bloor Festival is arranging for the Declaration on Municipal Significance, and the letter non-objection from the city clerk for all the establishments on this section of Bloor Street
  • the BIG on Bloor Festival will send the letter of notice to Police, Fire, Public Health and Buildings for all the establishments on the street
  • we are expecting BIG crowds, please make sure you have enough food and drink
  • have something BIG to eat or drink
  • it will help to pay for the festival if you can make a donation
  • make arrangements to reduce as much as possible, and remove any leftover garbage on the street

Other food vendors

  • Toronto Public Health permit is required for all food prepared and sold on the street
  • there are no grills for food allowed at the festival, they are too messy and annoying
  • sign up for a table to reserve your space
  • bring your own tent, if you have one, in case of rain
  • we are expecting big crowds, please make sure you have enough food
  • sell a special NEW meal, treat, or drink for the day
  • make arrangements to reduce as much as possible, and remove any leftover garbage on the street after the festival