Curated by Carla Garnet

JOUEZ is a sequence of outstanding original, interactive, arts and culture programs, created by local artists, whose practices reflect the diversity of our downtown neighborhood.

JOUEZ is a vehicle to, make a shared community experience that everyone attending the BIG On Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture can enjoy and if they like, become involved in.

JOUEZ is about creating our street culture together, connecting people with place and enabling a communal narrative to unfold.

JOUEZ returns in 2018 with 14 new original projects by local artists with practices reflecting the diversity of the community, curated by Carla Garnet.

Mercer Union
is back for the fourth year, opening their doors on July 21st for their RAGGA NYC exhibition and on July 26th for Bricks and Glitter a participatory art project, titled, Collective Care is Everywhere. The collective behind Bricks and Glitter is called Coalition Building and includes
Carolina Brown, Raven Davis, Maxhole Edison, Gavrel Feldman, Yann Garcia, kumari giles, Brock Hessel, Hana Jama, Rosina Kazi, Daniel Mack, Vince Rozario, Syrus Marcus Ware, Aruna Zehra, Twysted Monroe, Adam Cowan, Sonny Bean, and Afi Browne.

Iain Downie: Starburst

Iain Downie
, an active member of the Sculptor Society of Canada and the Nuit Rose collective, is returning for his third year with his Starburst workshop in which kids and their parents can create a unique piece of artwork to take home with them.  The workshop encourages conversation and creativity with many participants returning year after year, reconnecting with friends they made in previous years. 

All Creative: Room o Grow

All Creative
’s Room to Grow, created by experimental conceptual artists, Kwasi Agyei and Rachel South, builds on their 2017 BIG Festival installation Mother Nature. This year’s garden project is designed to show how the different people of world, especially the children who come from all corners of the world, might like flowers, come together and grow. It features child size mannequins each with their own colour, pattern and tone, plotted in soil surrounded by vegetation.

Shantel Miller: A Prayer for Song Bird

Returning to JOUEZ for the second time, Shantel Miller constructs a deeply personal and simultaneously socio-political piece in A Prayer for Song Bird using a material such as glass, iron, clay and paint to consider the relationships of love, fear and life enveloped in personal narrative.

Kate Starchild & Addelle McCauley: Echo/Location

Kate Starchild
and Addelle McCauley, new to JOUEZ this year, give women-identified business owners space in Echo/Location, an installation where festival-goers have the opportunity to learn more about the people behind the shop fronts, while reflecting on the disappearance of Holy Oak, a key space for the queer (LGBTIQ2S) community in February 2017 due to rent hikes. 

Nic Cooper: Pain-Free

Emerging Toronto based artist, Nic Cooper establishes a Do-It-Yourself immersive therapeutic installation, titled, Pain-free. This installation reflects on the artists’ own life-long relationship with chronic pain, and their dream of being pain-free. their immersive therapeutic installation provides an opportunity for low-stakes activities.

Addae Nurse
’s new exhibition for JOUEZ at the BIG on Bloor Festival is an all-black interactive ATM that gives away all the money held within it if a user guesses the correct code. The piece - titled Free Money - acts as an interactive sculpture focusing on Westerner’s fixation and dependency on capitalism and monetization, especially at the expense of marginalized and disenfranchised individuals.

Jackson Abrams: Comic Book Collage Party

Jackson Abrams
an emerging multimedia artist inspired by comic depictions of incongruity, mutability in pop culture offers a Comic Book Collage Party under his tent with all necessary tools, materials, and cool grooves supplied.

 Diana Yoo: Dream Strong

With Dream Strong Diana Yoo documents her visit to the site of April’s van attack at Yonge-Finch from her uniquely Korean-Canadian and artistic lens, re-emerging at the Festival wrapped in a dress of multi-cultured ribbons representing intersectionality of communities impacted. Participants will be invited to share their dream by writing them on multi-coloured ribbons to begin to heal Toronto’s collective societal trauma.

Nila Gupta Natalie Wood: Pillow Party

With Pillow Play artists Nila Gupta and Natalie Wood create a participatory sculpture piece that invites participants of all ages to construct comfort and meaning out of everyday objects such as pillows.

Xpace & Lauren Cullen: Bloordale Rug Social  

Xpace presents Lauren Cullen’s interactive piece titled, Bloordale Rug Social, which draws inspiration from craft culture and the practice of making traditional hooked rugs, and shifts these conventions by moving the process of making out of a private space and into an urban public landscape.

The City of Toronto: Art Connections Group presents two participatory projects, On Words and Images, organized Claudia Aranab and Lily Kim and the Sound of My Star, a game where participants can build a five-pointed star featuring: Ghazaleh Naderian, June Tenzin and Janet Gallo.

In this fashion, BIG festival goers will be able to engage with a new socially charged installation created by Leslie McCue a proud member of the Mississauga of Curve Lake First Nation and the Artistic Curator for the Fort York Indigenous Arts Festival at JOUEZ 2018.