Booth Application

Artists, crafts, small business, organizations and associations.

This is a curated event. Applying to the festival and paying the fee does not guarantee a booth. In that case your fee will be refunded. It is best to inquire in advance if you have any concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: The festival is always changing. This year we are focusing more on Arts and Culture, with an emphasis on local artists and artisans. The name has been changed to the the BIG on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture. We are reducing the number of available spaces this year. We will not allow grilling of food at the festival.

We are working towards making the festival a Zero Waste event. This means that anything you bring to the festival should go either into the green or blue bin. The BIG festival reserves the right to refuse any vendor if they do not fit our criteria.

Please check the Info for Vendors page for more detailed information, if you have not done already.

Choose one of the following booth application forms.

Local (Bloordale) Businesses Small / Medium Business Large Corporations Marketing Companies Food Vendor