Presented by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design

PULP is bringing Card-yard back to BIG On Bloor Festival 2022! Join the fun and build structures with lots of cardboard tubes at the North side of Bloor and Brock. 

Art activity stations are offered for free. Join Ben Baird and create a Cardboard Castle. Ksenija Spasic will help you make huge butterflies out of wallpaper. Robyn Lewis will teach you how to turn scrap paper into beautiful beads. 

Enjoy a show at the Card-yard stage! Flamenco trio Kyo Asaoka (dance), Ana Lia (singer) and Justin Brown (guitar); and Tangled trio Anupa Khemadasa (cello), Murray Mckay (guitar), and Chamil Janith (percussion) will perform both days between 13:00 and 14:30.

Emerging Writers Reading Series will have their monthly reading on Saturday between 15:30 and 18:30. Ben Bootsma will bring his guitar and straw hat both days. YULA BERU will electrify the block with their music on Saturday at 21:00. 

To wrap up this year we bring you the amazing Edllusion Magic Show on Sunday between 15:00 and 17:30!

PULP: Obstacle, 2017. Photo credit: Krystle Merrow.

Individual artists description

PULP: Make is a pop-up architecture art installation by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design. Different forms cut from plywood machine cut to different form have circular holes the size of cardboard tubes, allowing for easy connections. Join us in playing with a larger than life kit of parts.

Cardboard Castle by Ben Baird

Cardboard Castle@Card-yard is an interactive cardboard kingdom for children where you build your own cardboard crown, decorate it with sustainable art materials, and then decorate the PULP cardboard castle photo booth before posing with it! Come build and paint your crown and then walk through BIG on Bloor cutting a regal figure. All materials are recyclable or reusable and built for fun as part of the PULP reclaimed art ethos.

Wallpaper Butterflies by Ksenija Spasic 

Join reclaimed materials artist Ksenija Spasic in creating huge butterflies made of wallpaper. There will be stencils, paint and a big stack of reclaimed wallpaper books. Bring your inspiration and leave with colourful new wings! All ages welcome.

Paper Beads with Robyn Lewis

Learn how to turn scrap paper, old books, or even your junk mail, into beautiful paper beads! You'll leave this activity station with all the know-how to turn any paper you see into beads! Add some jewellery findings, and you'll be set with a one-of-a-kind keychain, bracelet, or pair of earrings. 

Flamenco with Kiyo Asaoka, Ana Lia, and Justin Brown

Justin Brown has been a student of Flamenco for over 20 years. He began by studying under the renowned guitarist, Miguel de la Bastide. Justin has been the resident guitarist for both Carmen Romero School of Flamenco and Arté Flamenco, as well as playing for many of the other Flamenco schools in Toronto. He is a composer/performer/teacher of multiple styles of guitar as well as co-director of the infamous Current Festival of Sarnia Ontario and the founder of the Group of 10 Fingers, a collaboration of contemporary guitarists of Southern Ontario. 

Ana Lía lights up a room. A Dominican-Canadian, her charming, vibrant performances deliver an unmistakable experience for every audience. The singular blend of pop and Latin rhythms and her bright, rich voice, makes her music enjoyable beyond language. In 2020, Ana Lía launched herself as a solo artist and has released five singles (“Abul”, “Samaná”, “I Could Get Used To This”, ""La Puerta”, “Sí. No. No sé.”). In less than two years, she’s garnered over 158K streams, more than 91K listeners, in 57 countries. This up-and-coming firecracker is here to stay and infect us with her luminous energy.

Kiyo Asaoka is a flamenco dancer, who also produces, teaches, directs and choreographs.  It’s been over 20 years since flamenco became her life and part of herself.  Since 2016, she has also been managing Tablao Flamenco Toronto, a non-profit organisation that produces a monthly live flamenco performance." 

Tangled Music Performance

Tangled is a trio consisting of Anupa Khemadasa on cello, Murray Mckay on guitar, and Chamil Janith on percussion.  They present and eclectic mixture of music from Eastern European, Klezmer, and Musette traditions, as well as some North American flavours from Swing to Leonard Cohen.

Link to their website:"

Music by Ben Bootsma

Local musician Ben Boostma is bringing his guitar and his heart to our summer events. Visit his website at

Edllusion Magic Show

A Stand up show containing a bunch of effects that will entertain and dazzle. Spectators will take turns helping Edllusion with the miracles also becoming a part of the show. This experience is a program filled with Astonishing and confounding effects like Card tricks, Fire tricks, Stand up Illusions, Professionally skilled sleight of hand, Levitating items, Mind reading and many more!

Local musician Ben Boostma is bringing his guitar and his heart to our summer events. Visit his website at

The Emerging Writers Reading Series

Read! Listen! Have Fun! The Emerging Writers Reading Series is returning with new hosts to Card-yard at BIG on Bloor 2017! Originally founded by Jess Taylor in 2012, the EW Reading Series has been on hiatus since June of 2016. Marcia Walker and Mahak Jain are reviving the reading series whose readers have gone on to win awards, place their work, publish books, and gain further recognition as the up-and-coming writers of Canada. EW has been in every Card-yard event since its initiation in 2013 and we are happy to have them back with us on Sunday, July 23, at noon to 1:30pm.

YOLA BERU Music Performance

YOLA BERU (Toronto) is vocalist Laura Boyle backed by electronic musician Matthew Maaskant. Together they weave danceable beats, mesmerizing looped vocals, and electro Indie pop sensibilities to create a soundtrack for introspective lyrics about life in the modern world."

Schedule- Cardyard at BIG on Bloor Festival 2022 

Performance Schedule 

Saturday July 16th 

13:30 Tangled

14:00 Flamenco

14:30 Tangled

15:00 Flamnenco

15:30-18:00 EW

19:00 Ben Bootsma

20:00 Ben Bootsma

21:00 Yula Beru

Sunday July 17th

13:00 Tangled

13:30 Flamenco

14:00 Tangled

14:30 Flamnenco

15:00 Edllussion Magic Show

15:30 Ben Bootsma

16:00 Edllussion Magic Show

16:30 Ben Bootsma

17:00 Edllussion Magic Show