We invite you to look at these familiar, unseen residential entries, alleyways or back doorways through the eyes of another. No longer used primarily as mere doorways, but portals to another's perspective. 

Do you have a door, garage or other entry-way you'd like painted? Contact us to coordinate! 

"Waiting to get in to the Sea of Fog (After Caspar David Friedrich)"

This mural explores the idea that through community efforts and cooperation a better future can exist for all. The Sea of Fog is often used as a visualization for the concept of The Sublime, a greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation. It also posists that in our current system that rewards selfishness, that future is gated away from most.

Devin O'Brien


"Floral Impressions"

"Floral Impressions" is an underwater floral scene that was painted for Big on Bloor. Julia decided to take over the whole doorway area and attack it with brushstrokes, Impressionist style. Because of the tight deadline, she used her leftover paints to create a colourful array for the background. And to complete this piece, a whimsical and organic floral design was painted on the door as the main focus.

Julia Prajza

@ juliaprajza


This beautiful artwork represents a schooling of fish that swim together to protect themselves against bigger predators. Working together is the key to success in communities, fostering properity and survival.

Andre Castro



"Pojagi Portal"

Victoria' Day's Pojagi Portal is inspired by the tradition of Korean Patchwork called pojagi, often used to wrap gifts. The mural is Victoria's gift to Toronto's Asian community who have faced heightened discrimination over the past year, and a joyful celebration of her culture that will add a pop of colour to the neighborhood.

Victoria Day


"in/finite bloom"

in/finitie bllom' takes inspiration from the geometry of quilting, where scraps of different fabrics are peiced into intricate new meanings. In a garden, as in community, many unique parts growing together can form the most beautiful bouquet.

Wenting Li


"Joy in Little Things"

This piece focuses on positivity, inclusivity, and unity, as she thinks that is what people feel when they come together to work towards the same goal. Anastasia drew the design in a pattern-like style, where one element compliments another and the piece became a united canvas of shapes to emphasize the theme of unity.

Anastasia Tarkhanova