Youth Market

Email to apply for your child to participate with the children's marketplace!

Alternatives to monetary transactions are recommended! Trade, barter or sell anything your kid can imagine!

No registration required! Last minue participation welcomed.

Located in front of Mercer Union, on the northside of Bloor Street and St Claren's Avenue, you'll find several tables and chairs under umbrellas which your child is allowed to set-up anything they like.

  • Tables will be shared with other youth and their booths.
  • First come, first placed basis. Once you arrive, you're responsible for claiming and setting up your spot. Please contain your table spacing to no more than 6ft wide.
  • Anything is allowed, and there are no non-confliction policies (there may be two Lemonade Stands for example)
  • You can be there for as long or little as you'd like! Set-up is no earlier than 11am, and will be shut down each day by 9pm.