Art Sites - Workshops and Projects

BIG on Bloor 2023 showcases a series of workshops and site-based art projects scattered throughout the Bloordale Area, celebrating the local arts, culture and community. It showcases several local artists that have created engaging and participatory projects.

From meditation to collages, join us in celebrating Bloordale through art and community!

Workshops & Projects: 

Renelyn Quinicot

Renelyn Quinicot (she/her) is a queer filipina artist and movement & meditation teacher born and raised in Toronto. She is trained in various styles of mindfulness such as Kundalini Yoga,Yoga Nidrā, Cardio-Dance, Pilates, Sound and more, The events she curates root in an vulnerable exchange of storytelling, resources, and other tools for care to support all. Her facilitation in the wellness and arts communities centres in the belief that the body is a carrier of lineage and story, and explorations of PLAY as a radical reclamation of Self.

REST PORTAL - "Big-Care on Bloor!"

A tender landing to connect, and reset. Rest Portal combines the healing quality of tools such as ooey-gooey stretches, cathartic, playful shake offs, as well as breathwork, mindful writing and sound-meditations, to support a sense of balance and holistic reset during your lively art-festival experience.

3:30-4pm 30min Stretch and breathwork tools

4:30-5pm Learning to meditate workshop + mindfulness-write circle

6-6:30pm Dancey-shake off and stretch!

Hosted at Brock South

Collage Booth

BIG on Bloor is putting on its own collage workshop. At the collage booth participants can cut out photography from various magazines to make their own collage. They can also use words to create a poem on their piece. Practicing creativity and freedom in art is an important part of finding one’s artistic identity. There will be an example piece and instructional help to guide the collaging flow.

Saturday 15th 1-7pm

Sunday 16th 1-7pm

Hosted at ???

Akash Inbakumar

is a Tamil-Singalese Canadian artist based in Tkaronto. Their interdisciplinary practice uses installation, costumes, and performance to explore ideas of world-building, mythology, and kinship; entering partnerships with multiple mediums, tools, and processes, they conceive material-kin. These kin represent a world where craft objects play the role of carrying family lineage and storyteller, compared to the colonial west’s nuclear family. Queering the idea of how information can be passed down multi-generational/multi-specie networks. Inbakumar is a recent graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University and has shown work at ArtAdress (Oakville) The Robert Mclaughlin Gallery (Oshawa), Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto), Patel Brown Gallery (Toronto), Xpace Cultural Center (Toronto) and Riverdale Hub (Toronto).

Batik Booth

Intro to Batik Dye using non toxic glue and watered down acrylic paint set up for all ages! 

 Using a free hand technique participants will apply washable glue onto cotton fabric, then colour in the areas with pigment. Once dried

participants can take it home and rinse off the glue to reveal their own personal unique design!

Saturday 15th 2-7pm 

Sunday 16th 2-7 pm

Hosted at ???

Jennifer Matsalla

Jennifer Matsalla is an artist and arts educator who uses various art forms as a meditative way to foster creativity. Her work involves mixed media styles surrounding drawing, painting, and collaging.

Trading Cards

Create your own trading cards using a mixed media approach. Participants are invited to create their own unique trading cards with collaging materials. People can design their own card from a giant deck of cards. Once completed they can leave the card they made behind and take one that someone else has left. This exciting activity promotes community based artwork that people can keep!

Saturday 15th 1pm-7pm

Sunday 16th  1pm-7pm

Hosted at ???

BIG on Bloor (BIG Games)

BIG Games!

Come play BIG games like giant jenga, bean toss and soccer billiards. Celebrate BIG’s theme by winning and playing BIG!

BIG on Bloor (Camp Bloor)

Camp Bloor

This year the BIG on Bloor festival welcomes you to Summer Camp! Come enjoy games like axe throwing, tug of war, and other outdoor challenges. Be a part of our fort building competition to have a chance at winning Bloordale Bucks! Celebrate BIG on Bloors 16th anniversary by joining the community at Camp on Bloor.

Saturday 15th 1pm-7pm

Sunday 16th  1pm-7pm

Hosted at ???

Plumb Paracord Party

The Plumb Paracord Party workshop will inspire participants to play with the paracord, tying and untying knots; sharing their knowledge on how to tie knots along the way.


Join Cathleen Calica and Alexus Vernus for a mixed media workshop creating beautiful paper flowers and collaged textile bows.